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Stock Market Trading Strategy: Support And Resistance

stock market trading strategy | Using support and resistance |

September 1, 2013: Today we’re going to go over an important stock market trading strategy –   learning how to invest by using support and resistance. SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE Many times a stock’s previous price provides areas of support and resistance to a stock’s price move. When a stock’s price is falling or correcting, frequently support… Read more »

Stock Market Investment Strategy | Gaps | Solar City Trade

stock market investment strategy | chart of Facebook price gap

August 28, 2013: Today we’re going to go over an important stock market investment strategy – learning how to invest by using price gaps.  First we’ll go over the strategy and then we’ll look at placing an actual stock trade. PRICE GAPS Let’s talk a bit about price gaps in stock price charts.  This is something I… Read more »

Mondelez Stock Trade | Sell Order Filled

August 15, 2013: Today saw a sharp selloff in the stock market, on worries that interest rates are rising. Mondelez Stock Sell I sold my Mondelez (MDLZ)  stock at 31.15, a small loss from my purchase price of 32.00.  Please review the Mondelez stock buy order setup post from August 8th.  Today’s selloff in Mondelez was on higher… Read more »

VIX Index | Dealing With Volatility And Emotions In Stock Trading

August 14, 2013: Volatility and the Stock Market: Big Moves, Strong Emotions. Let’s talk today about volatility and the stock market, and how to use the VIX Index.  The last few weeks have seen most companies making their quarterly earnings announcements.  Emotions have been running high, and these emotions show up as big moves in… Read more »

Mondelez Stock Trade Update | Using The Volume Indicator

August 13, 2013: Mondelez Stock Trade: Let’s start with an update on our Mondelez stock trade.  Mondelez (MDLZ) closed today at 32.08, back above its breakout price. I had written in an earlier post that I would sell the stock if it closed below 32, but only if the volume was higher than average. Well,… Read more »

Mondelez Stock Trade Filled | Market Updates

Mondelez stock chart breakout

August 8, 2013: Mondelez Stock Trade Update: Today my Mondelez stock order was filled at 32.00. The ticker for Mondelez is MDLZ.  They reported better than expected income, plus a stock buyback program and dividend increase. It was a classic breakout on nearly double normal volume. The stock closed at 32.70. (Click to enlarge) My… Read more »

Mondelez – stock trade setup

August 2, 2013: Mondelez is not a name-brand company, but its products are. Mondelēz International, Inc. (MDLZ) is one of the world’s largest snacks companies with 110,000 employees, and had global net revenues of $35 billion in 2012. Its product lines include Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Ritz, Nabisco, Triscuit, Nilla, Honey Maid, Newtons, Cadbury, Trident, Certs,… Read more »

Municipal Bond Investing – Potential Purchase Soon!

August 1, 2013: Let’s talk today about municipal bond investing.  I am looking to add to my municipal bond portfolio. Muni funds have been selling off for the last couple of months, ever since the Fed hinted that it would start to taper its massive bond purchases, thus sending interest rates higher. The markets have… Read more »

Calamos Funds | Global Dynamic Income Fund | Stock Purchase

Calamos Funds - Global Dynami Income Fund (CHW) chart

July 30, 2013: Today I added to my Calamos Funds Global Dynamic Income Fund (CHW) holding at 8.52. It is trading at a nice 11.46% discount to NAV. Calamos Funds Global Dynamic Income Fund (CHW) (Click to enlarge) The fund is designed to generate a high level of current income through investing in common stock,… Read more »

Flipping Houses | Good Articles To Read

July 19, 2013: I just came across these articles on real estate and flipping houses.  Great reading! Flipping Houses and Real Estate articles: The Fastest Way To Triple Your Money Is…. Housing? Gorilla Flipping Homes Home Sweet Hipster Home Real Estate Reality TV Shows: More Realistic Since Bubble