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Stock Market Lesson: PGH update

PGH update 6-2013

June 14, 2013 I thought I’d do an update on my purchase of PGH in March 2013.  Below is a current chart. (Click chart to enlarge) So far, the stock has not made a new low. V bottoms and a high volume confirmation followup day are powerful tools to use when buying stocks.  They work!… Read more »

Stock market: trade exits –

Dow bearish engulfing 5-22-13

May 22, 2013 Today was an outside reversal day.  This means that the market made a new high, then reversed and went lower.  This chart pattern generally denotes a top, and leads to lower prices. Today was also a great example of a bearish engulfing pattern that was profiled in the Stocks course.  Lower prices… Read more »

Stock Market trade updates

May 10, 2013 I was stopped out of my last 100 PERI shares at 12.95.  Total profit on the trade was $187, or $159 including commissions. I also decided to sell my last QIHU shares.  I sold at 39.25.  Profit on this trade was $396.  Total profit on the QIHU trade was $1,097, or $1,069… Read more »

QIHU update

May 9, 2013 I decided to sell most of my QIHU position.  I just don’t like this market action.  I also have quite a lot of stock that I’ve held for many years.  Almost all of my stocks are dividend payers.  I only purchased QIHU because of its earnings potential and breakout from an established… Read more »

PERI update

May 8, 2013 Sold 400 of my 500 shares of PERI at 13.21.  It’s earnings season now, and  I don’t like the emotional trading going on.  As I mentioned yesterday, there are big moves up when earnings are better than expected, and big moves down when they are not. PERI does not seem to be… Read more »

Stock market update

May 7, 2013 The stock market is driven by emotions.  As the market moves higher, the emotions become more frenzied.  We are seeing big moves now in stocks – big moves up when earnings are better than expected, and big moves down when they are not.  Recent winners are MercadoLibre (MELI), Regeneron (REGN), and Qihoo… Read more »

QIHU order filled

May 6, 2013 Lots going on in the stock market – it keeps making new alltime highs, but the market is getting a little frothy. QIHU order was filled at $35.29.  Stock was up 8% within minutes.   I rarely sell stocks, but I am starting to feel like the market is getting too frothy.  I… Read more »

PERI order filled/ QIHU order placed

May 3, 2013 PERI order filled at 12.79.  Closed at 12.99, a good sign.  Volume was strong on the breakout, while bodes well for a continued run higher.  PERI reports earnings on May 13.  Stock likely to run up to earnings, and then sell off unless earning are spectacular.  May sell some or all of… Read more »

Stock Market bull market/ PERI stock trade

May 2, 2013 Stock market is in full upswing now.  Many companies are breaking out to new highs. Placing a buy stop order to purchase 500 Perion Network (PERI) at 12.76, good til cancel.

DDD stock update

DDD chart 200dma support 4-2013 annotate

April 25, 2013 My 3D Systems stock purchase (DDD) is doing great.  Current price is 35.50.  Purchase price was 29.30.  It hugged the 200DMA for some days, then has moved higher.  The 200 DMA did its job, which is to provide long-term support for a stock.  I moved my GTC stop-loss order to 30.50, just… Read more »