What is Lifetime Investor?

Lifetime Investor is an investment education company providing online investing courses designed for beginners.  Our goal is to make investing easy to understand and provide you with a thorough investing education. All courses were written and designed by Michael Benghiat, a professional investor who has used these techniques and methods to create a six figure income… Read more »

What is your overall approach to investing?

I teach a long-term approach to investing with an emphasis on investing for both income and growth. My goal is to have you start receiving mailbox money – money that comes to you without you having to physically work for it. The goal is for you to create enough income from your investments so that you no longer… Read more »

I’m a complete beginner. Is this program right for me?

Absolutely! All of our courses are ideal for beginners just starting to invest.   Each course will teach you a complete investing method that takes the complexity out of investing and makes it easy to understand and take action. Our courses also take the guesswork out of investing and allow you to make investment decisions with confidence. All… Read more »

Do you have a special deal on all your courses?

Yes, I do offer the complete program at a special discounted price compared to purchasing the individual courses. I also offer selected bundles at a savings over purchasing the individual courses.  

I’m only interested in one course. Can I just purchase it?

Yes. You can purchase courses individually, in selected bundles, or as a complete package.  But I recommend purchasing the complete course package because I want to provide members with a comprehensive investing education. I want to give members all the tools they need to invest, and in the end, make the most of their investing dollars. I feel strongly… Read more »

How much time do I need to complete each course?

That depends on you and the time you can spend each day or week learning the tools, techniques, and materials. The courses are available online 24/7, and you can proceed at your own pace. The courses were designed to be easy to read and understand, with limited technical jargon unless absolutely necessary. It’s best to… Read more »

How is this different and better than other investing courses or programs?

Most investment courses focus only on stocks or real estate investing.  While these two asset classes form a big part of an investment portfolio, they are only part of the picture. My courses teaches members how to invest in all major markets: stocks, bonds, real estate, tax liens, and gold and silver. I feel that investors need to know… Read more »

I already have a financial advisor. Do I really need your courses?

Yes. First, many financial advisors only focus on purchasing paper investments in a retirement account. This limits you to stocks, bonds and money markets. Second, advisors who receive commissions cannot make any money recommending rental real estate, tax liens, or gold and silver because they can’t receive commissions on those types of investments. Fee-only investment advisors… Read more »

Do you invest on my behalf?

No. This program is designed to teach you to invest for yourself. I am not licensed as a registered investment advisor, broker, or financial planner to make investments on behalf of members, and thus I cannot and do not make actual investments for you. All investments you make are your decisions, and I cannot guarantee whether any investment… Read more »