MODULE 6: Top 10 Rules For Making Money With Your Investments

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The rich have learned certain rules that help them make consistent profits from their investments. The ten investing rules I present here will greatly increase your chance of financial success if you follow them.  Let’s go through them now. Rule #1: Give Up The Goal Of Making Money! One of the more interesting lessons in investing is… Read more »

MODULE 5: Understanding The Markets

The rich understand how the markets work, and use that knowledge to their advantage. How Do The Markets Work? All markets work in different technical ways, whether we are talking about the stock market, bond market, real estate market, or the precious metals market.    But at their essence, markets are a reflection of all the social,… Read more »

MODULE 4: Taxes, Income, And Debt

Now that I’ve laid the foundation, let’s take some time to discuss taxes and how they affect the four different types of income.  Then I’ll talk about debt and how to use it to your advantage. Taxes Because taxes affect all income, let’s learn how our tax system works and how we can reduce our taxes. Income Tax Brackets… Read more »

MODULE 3: The Wealth Building Formula


Let’s begin with a review of some key concepts: 1) The wealthy convert their earned income into passive or portfolio income. 2) The wealthy buy assets that put money, or potentially can put money, in their pocket. They take the income they earn from their job or business and invest it in assets that pay dividends,… Read more »

MODULE 2: Do What The Rich And Wealthy Do

So far, we’ve seen that wealth can be created by anyone if they just follow the path of the wealthy.  Let’s continue our discussion on what the rich do differently than the poor or middle class. The Millionaire Next Door There’s a fascinating book called “The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy” by… Read more »

MODULE 1: How The Rich Achieve Financial Independence

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You’ve heard the saying, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”  This saying is true. It is true because the rich take the time to get an education in money, personal finance, and investing. Because of this education, they think differently about money than the poor or middle class.  They do things with their money that the poor or middle… Read more »


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