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Hello there!

I’m Michael Benghiat. I’m an independent investor, entrepreneur, author, and investing coach.

My guess is that if you’re reading this, you’re looking for a way to understand the world of investing, money, and personal finance so you can build wealth or create more income.

You’re probably wanting to learn how to invest in stocks, bonds or real estate, or buy some gold or silver.

But if you’re like most people, all the investing choices, expert opinions, and complexity makes the whole topic really overwhelming and confusing.

You’re not alone. In fact, just about everyone feels that way when they begin their investing journey.

I’ve taken that same journey, starting about 20 years ago. I went from starting basically with zero to becoming financially independent today with a six-figure income from my investments.

Just so you know, I didn’t have any special inside knowledge or connections when I started out, nor did I start with millions of dollars.

I started from scratch with just a few thousand dollars to my name, and invested in the same markets that you can invest in – stocks, bonds, real estate, tax liens, and gold and silver.

I’ve walked the walk. I’ve been there myself, navigated through it, and I can help you find your way.

My Story

Twenty years ago I set a goal to be financially independent and financially free.

What motivated me was two things:

First, I was just starting a career in music as a composer. This was not exactly a steady-paying secure career decision…. So I figured if I was lucky enough to make money in music, I needed to learn how to invest it so I could lead a life not driven by constant money worries.

Second was finding out I had cancer at age 29. In addition to the emotional turmoil this created, it also led to a period of some weeks where I was unable to work. Having bills coming in without an income to pay them is very stressful, as many of you reading this likely understand very clearly…

This was compounded by having the cancer return 5 years later. Once again, I went through an even longer period of being unable to work while undergoing chemo.

Once I was back on my feet after beating the cancer beast (now 17 years cancer-free!) the importance of creating a secure financial future became a necessity.

My Investing Education

I was already getting my feet wet as an investor by this time, but now I tackled it full on.

The pictures you see show just part of my investing library!

I bought and studied virtually everything I could get my hands on regarding investing, wealth building, and personal finance.

As I learned I invested, made mistakes, lost money, made money, learned more, and eventually started having consistent success.

It took longer than I thought – about 20 years, but I was able to “retire” at age 48 with a six-figure annual income.

I say “retire” because I’m still working today. I work because I enjoy what I do, not because I have to.

The difference is that now I can work on what is important to me, not just work because I have to pay the bills each month.

Lifetime Investor

A few years ago, after helping friends and family with their investments, I decided to put what I knew worked into a step-by-step wealth building and investing system based on what I learned on my journey. Thus Lifetime Investor was born.

To help others learn, I created a series of online investing courses on stocks, bonds, real estate, tax liens, and gold and silver. This allowed me to put everything into an organized and detailed method to teach others how I did it, and also provide a comprehensive reference “how-to” guide that includes everything you need to know about investing that’s accessible in one place.

What I Teach

Through my blog, articles, free webinars and video-based trainngs, and my premium investing courses, all I teach is financial education and financial literacy so you can make informed decisions yourself. I don’t provide anything but education.

My role of an investing coach is to guide you down the path and help you avoid the major pitfalls and mistakes that most people make.

What I teach is based on my actual experience, not theory – drawn from a vast amount of reading, studying, and a couple of decades investing my own money. It’s based on proven methods that work, drawn from numerous sources.

Think of it like learning to fish rather than giving someone a fish. Becoming financially literate will feed you for a lifetime; relying on others will just get you a meal here and there. Financial education provides independence and security.

What I Don’t Teach

I don’t provide specific stock, bond, or other investment recommendations or a personalized investment plan. That’s the job of a licensed broker, registered investment advisor, or certified financial planner.

If you use an advisor or planner to manage your money, my role as a coach is to give you the education to understand what those advisors are selling you.

Make no bones about it. Your financial advisor’s advice may be bad for your long-term financial health and security. (Read more about this here.)

Also, if you’re looking to learn a “get rich quick” solution, such as day trading stocks, trading forex (currencies), or gambling with penny stocks, you’re in the wrong place.

A Little About Me

Now, I’m not a financial guru or a flashy Shark Tank-type investor who looks to making money as a way to have a lavish lifestyle filled with expensive cars, multiple homes, a yacht, or a private plane. The pursuit of material things won’t make you happy anyway.

I’m just a regular guy. I live with my wife Stacy, our dog Frank and our cat JoJo Kitty. We like to live simply but comfortably, with minimal overhead and maximum flexibility to lead a fulfilling life.

We live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood but it didn’t cost a lot nor do we have a huge mortgage to stress over each month.

We love to travel, learn new things, and experience as much of the variety in life as we can before we can’t.

For us, it’s creating a “less is more” lifestyle that’s driven by friends, family, learning, and giving.

The Truth About Money

Over the years I realized this truth: people don’t really want more money…..

What everyone wants is more choices….. and the feelings or experiences that money can provide.

What you really want is to improve the quality of life for yourself and your family.

You want the choice to live in a home that is safe and in a good school district for your kids, not live where you don’t want to live because of finances.

You want the choice to purchase nutritious food that’s good for you, not having to rely on junk food because it’s all that you can afford.

On a deeper level, it’s also about fulfilling two basic needs – freedom and security.

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means you create passive streams of income that can eventually allow you to become financially free, which means that your income from investments is equal to or greater than your monthly bills.

Personal Freedom

Personal freedom means you get to live your life how you want to, according to your values. According to what makes you happy and fulfilled.

It also means that you can be in charge of your time and not have to work a job that you are not passionate about or whose only redeeming factor is that it pays the bills.


Security means knowing that you can financially withstand things that unfortunately happen in life: illnesses, accidents, divorce, business failures, etc.

Peace Of Mind

In the end, what freedom and security provide is peace of mind. When you are able to stop worrying about money all the time, you can focus on what is most important to you.

I’ve always valued freedom and security. Combined, they help you to find peace of mind which is an essential part of leading a life worth living. Money is just a tool to help you find happiness and fulfillment in life, whatever that may be for you.

How I Can Help You

I’ve created a series of both free and paid resources to help you on your journey to financial freedom and security.  Please check out both!

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I hope I can help you on your path to financial freedom!


Michael Benghiat