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Stock Market Bubble Warning: The Signs of A Top Continue To Increase!

July 23, 2021 UpdateWe continue to see all the signs of a major market top forming.   But so far, the market continues to plow ahead  – the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 hit new all-time highs on July 23rd. This article was originally published on February 16, 2021, and updated July 23, 2021Updated Monthly ChartsI… Read more »

Market Count ETF Strategy Comparisons

March 5, 2021 Our Market Count ETF strategy continues to be a premier system for investing in the stock market. As outlined in our Case Study (the Market Count strategy is Scenario 4) and using the QQQ ETF, it outperformed with a 189.80% return with much less drawdown than other strategies, including buy and hold. Using the Market… Read more »

QQQJ and QQQM – 2 New Ways To Invest in the Nasdaq-100

In October 2020, fund giant Invesco introduced two new Nasdaq-100 ETFs, the QQQJ and the QQQM.  Both are following in the footsteps of the QQQ’s tremendous success over the last 21 years. Let’s review the QQQ first and then see what each of these new ETFs offers. QQQ: Nasdaq-100 ETF The QQQ ETF is a… Read more »

Long-Term Outperformers: Top Stocks That Beat The Market

Long-Term Outperformers (LTOs) are stocks that move slowly but surely upwards, producing substantial gains over many months and years. These leaders exhibit consistent price appreciation and stable earnings and sales growth over many months and years. Their gains usually have far outperformed both the majority of stocks and the major stock indexes. Some of these… Read more »

24 Stock Trading Rules That Can Double Your Trading Results

The following 24 stock trading rules can double your trading results. It’s a bold statement. But the reason I write this is that these rules are the results of thousands of profitable trades by dozens of master stock traders over their long investing careers. Legendary traders such as Mark Minervini, David Ryan, Bill O’Neil, Jesse… Read more »

Case Study: QQQ and SPY Buy & Hold vs. The Market Trend Advisory

April 21, 2021: This case study was recently updated include data through April 13, 2021. Obtaining outstanding investing results with minimal risk is the holy grail of stock investing. Since so many people invest in the index ETFs SPY (which tracks the S&P 500) and QQQ (which tracks the 100 largest non-financial companies in the… Read more »

How To Use A Stock Screener to Find Top Stocks

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a stock screener to find top stocks, you’re in the right place to learn how!  But first, let’s define what a screener is and how it works. A screener is software that lets you choose various parameters to filter stocks according to what you are looking for. The… Read more »

Stock Selling Rules & Strategies: How To Maximize Your Profits

When it comes to stock investing, buying is the easy part. When to sell a stock, however, is by far the most difficult aspects of investing!  No one knows until after the fact if the price you sold at was a good decision or not.  And it frequently seems that right after you sell a… Read more »

Trading Individual Stocks Using The Market Trend Advisory

Trading individual stocks using the Market Trend Advisory (MTA) system is a key part of generating outsized returns in your portfolio. While many users get excellent returns using the system with index ETFs like QQQ or SPY, you can vastly outperform the market indexes by using it with individual stocks.  Top growth stocks routinely return… Read more »

How Understanding Market Cycles Can Be Very Lucrative

Smart investors know that all investments run in cycles.  Because of this, market cycles are one of the most important aspects of investing to learn and understand. With a knowledge of market cycles you’ll be able to put your money to work in markets that are moving up in price and avoid those declining in… Read more »