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Special Report: QQQ and SPY Buy & Hold vs. The Market Trend Advisory

Obtaining outstanding investing results with minimal risk is the holy grail of stock investing. Since so many people invest in the index ETFs SPY (which tracks the S&P 500) and QQQ (which tracks the Nasdaq 100), we undertook a comparison of investing results using a buy and hold strategy with SPY and QQQ vs. using… Read more »

How To Use A Stock Screener to Find Top Stocks

If you’ve ever wondered how to use a stock screener to find top stocks, you’re in the right place to learn how!  But first, let’s define what a screener is and how it works. A screener is software that lets you choose various parameters to filter stocks according to what you are looking for. The… Read more »

Stock Selling Rules & Strategies: How To Maximize Your Profits

When it comes to stock investing, buying is the easy part. When to sell a stock, however, is by far the most difficult aspects of investing!  No one knows until after the fact if the price you sold at was a good decision or not.  And it frequently seems that right after you sell a… Read more »

Trading Individual Stocks Using The Market Trend Advisory

Trading individual stocks using the Market Trend Advisory (MTA) system is a key part of generating outsized returns in your portfolio. While many users get excellent returns using the system with index ETFs like QQQ or SPY, you can vastly outperform the market indexes by using it with individual stocks.  Top growth stocks routinely return… Read more »

The Power Trend Indicator

One of the most powerful features of the Market Trend Advisory is the Power Trend indicator. The Power Trend turns on when an index is in a particularly strong uptrend and is consistently moving up into new highs. Power trends do not happen frequently but when one starts it usually leads to a strong sustained… Read more »