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Investing Like Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett is widely considered the best stock investor in history.  He is a billionaire today in part because he invests in the stocks of companies for the long-term.  He holds many stocks such as Coca Cola, American Express, The Washington Post, Proctor & Gamble, and others that he bought back in the… Read more »

Stock Market Corrections – Put Them To Use!

As the stock market is currently in a correction, now is not the time to forget about stock investing.  Smart investors use corrections as a time to prepare for the next upleg. Great opportunities are created out of stock market corrections.  Corrections serve to temper or reduce excessive bullishness or optimism, and bring stocks back… Read more »

QIHU trade exit

This morning I exited the remaining 50% position in Qihoo 360 (QIHU) position at $88.22.  I originally bought QIHU at $35.29 on May 6, 2013. The signs are there that the stock market is about to undergo its biggest correction since the bottom of the financial crisis in 2009.  If am am wrong, then I… Read more »

History of Mortgage Rates

I received an email from with an interesting history of mortgage rates over the last 42 years. For real estate investors, it is invaluable to see where interest rates have been.  It also gives us clues where interest rate may go in the future. Click on the image to go to Zillow and see… Read more »

Gold and Silver Update – December 19, 2013

The big headline today was “Gold sinks below $1,200, the lowest in 3 years”.  Let’s talk a bit about the precious metals, and what this year’s bear market means for gold and silver investors going forward. Gold closed down $41.40 today to close at $1,193.60. This is the lowest close for gold since August 2010…. Read more »