What is Lifetime Investor?

Lifetime Investor is an investing education company.

We provide both free educational resources on money, wealth building, and investing, as well as premium investing tools like our Daily Market Trend Advisory and investing courses.

Our goal is to teach people like yourself proven real-world investing techniques and strategies so that you can take control of your money, confidently make your first investments, and get results towards creating the financial life you want.

What is the Market Trend Advisory based on?

Our Market Trend Advisory is based on technical indicators, market internals, and market sentiment indicators.  We provide data for both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq market indexes

More specifically, buy and sell signals are generated when the Nasdaq or S&P moves above and below its 21-day and 50-day moving averages, and these market movements are used in conjunction with the number of institutional high-volume selling and buying days.  Combined, this data accurately portrays the market’s current uptrend or downtrend status.

We use the 21-day moving average because a move above or below this moving average can signal the beginning of a change in trend.  A move above or below the 50-day moving average often signals an actual change of trend.

In addition, tracking market sentiment and other technical factors helps to pinpoint potential changes in trend.  For example, when market sentiment gets too bullish, a correction usually follows.  However, sentiment indicators are only useful when they are at extremes, so they are a secondary factor.

What’s the best way to use it?

As the Market Trend Advisory gives you market signals each day, it’s designed to make sure your trading is in line with the current trend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The market signals are really suggestions for taking action; they do not mean that you should or must sell everything when the market goes into a correction.  It’s simply a tool for knowing the current trend and the market’s current internals.

All buy and sell decisions are up to you.

Depending on the type of investor you are (short-term, long-term, swing trader, etc.), you may have different time horizons for taking profits.  But no matter how you invest, you’ll find the daily trend signals an important tool to use in making your stock investing decisions!

I’m a complete beginner. Will this work for me?


All stock investors, whether they are beginners or advanced traders, will find this an invaluable tool for staying with the market’s trend and making the most from your stock positions.    It will help keep your emotions from causing you to make poor investing decisions.

Can I use this if I invest in a certain type of stocks or ETFs?

Yes, the system works no matter if you invest in growth stocks, value stocks, dividend stocks, ETFs, or any other type of stocks.

The Market Trend Advisory is especially useful for growth stock investors, as changes in market trend frequently lead to large movements in these stocks.  You’ll find it’s very helpful in determining when to take profits.  Conversely, following the trends helps you avoid losing money when the market is in a correction by keeping you out of a poor market.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by contacting us.

Subscriptions are paid for monthly.  If you cancel an annual membership, you will receive a pro-rated refund based on the number of months left in your subscription.

Monthly subscriptions, once cancelled, will remain active until your next billing date, upon which you will no longer be charged.