What is Lifetime Investor?

Lifetime Investor is a financial and investing education company.

We provide both free educational resources on money, wealth building, and investing, as well as premium online investing and wealth-building courses.

Our goal is to teach people like yourself proven real-world investing techniques and strategies so that you can take control of your money, confidently make your first investments, and get results towards creating the financial life you want.

All courses are written and designed by Michael Benghiat, a professional investor who has used these techniques and methods to create a six-figure income from his investments.

We currently offer 6 different investing courses:

Investing 101
Ultimate Stock Investing System
Bond Market Mastery
Real Estate Riches
Tax Lien Money Machine
Gold & Silver Profits

Each comprehensive course will teach you the tools and techniques needed to take charge of your money and make it grow safely and securely.

Combined, all six courses will provide you with the education you’ll need to become a successful investor.

What is your overall approach to investing?

I teach a long-term approach to investing with an emphasis on investing for both income and growth.

My goal is to have you start receiving mailbox money – money that comes to you without you having to physically work for it.

The idea is for you to create enough income from your investments so that you no longer need to work at your job or business, or at least supplement your income.  This frees you up to do those things that you want to do, not have to do.

Investing for income through stock dividends, bond interest, or rents is key to financial success.

In the stock market, for example, a large part of the gains advertised for the overall market for periods of 10 years or more come from the reinvestment of dividends, not just stock price appreciation.

Income investing is a double win: you get paid monthly (or quarterly) while the stocks, bonds, or real estate you own increase in value.  And you get tax advantages too!

Plus, with stocks you’ll learn how to compound your dividends into more income-producing stocks, bonds, or real estate. Over time, you can accumulate a large amount of money, starting with just a small sum.

So, to get to that goal:

  • You will be investing in income producing assets like dividend-paying stocks, bonds, tax liens, and rental real estate.
  • You will also be investing in growth assets like  growth stocks and gold and silver.
  • Profits from growth assets are ideally put towards more income-producing assets. This will increase your wealth and income faster!

Follow this method and you will be on the path to financial success!

I’m a complete beginner. Are these courses right for me?

Absolutely! All of my courses are ideal for beginners just starting out.

They are all written in an easy-to-understand, non-technical way that make learning about money, wealth building, and investing enjoyable.

Each course will teach you a complete step-by-step investing system that takes the complexity out of investing and makes it easy to take action towards your goals.

This takes the guesswork out of investing and allow you to make investing decisions with confidence.

Do you have a special deal on all your courses?

Yes, I do offer a complete six-course package at a special discounted price compared to purchasing the individual courses.

This complete course package is highly recommended for serious investors because it provides members with the most comprehensive investing education. The package gives members all the tools they need to invest, and in the end, make the most of their investing dollars.

I feel strongly that a well-rounded investing education needs to cover all the major investment classes: stocks, bonds, real estate, tax liens, and gold and silver.  This is important for diversification and maximum profit potential.

Understanding how to invest in all the major investment classes puts Lifetime Investor members way ahead of average investors and allows them to invest in only the best markets at any given time.

Markets change quickly, and serious investors need to have the best info available to them at any given moment.  At any given time, some markets are in bull markets with rising prices, and others are in bear markets with falling prices.

By learning about all the markets, you will be ready to invest quickly when a market becomes optimal for making maximum profits with minimal risk.

Complete Course Package

Below is a link to the complete course package:

Complete Lifetime Investor six-course package

Selected Course Bundles

I also offer two selected bundles at a savings over purchasing the individual courses.  Click the links below to find out more:

Ultimate Stock Investing System/Bond Market Mastery bundle

Real Estate Riches/Tax Lien Money Machine bundle

Do you offer a money-back guarantee with your courses?

Of course!

I offer a 60-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If at the end of 60 days you don’t feel you got many times the value for your investment, just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your purchase price in full.

How much time do I need to complete each course?

That depends on you and the time you can spend each day or week learning the tools, techniques, and materials.

The courses are available online 24/7, and you can proceed at your own pace. The courses were designed to be easy-to-read and understand, with limited technical jargon unless absolutely necessary.

It’s best to plan to spend 15-30 minutes each session. It’s better to go slowly and steadily than try to read and understand everything in a few marathon sessions. Especially if you are new to investing, it takes some time for concepts to sink in and become part of your daily thoughts and actions.

I highly recommend starting with the Investing 101 Course (included free with all course purchases), and then continuing with the course that most interests you.

The Investing 101 Course covers the basics of investing and sets you up for a strong foundation in understanding money and wealth building. Using the information in this course will make your whole investing career much easier, more rewarding, and ultimately much more profitable!

How are you qualified to teach investing courses?

I’ve been an independent investor for over 25 years, and through my investing successes I’ve been able to “retire” at age 48 with a six-figure annual income just from my investments.

I say “retire” because I’m still working today. I work because I enjoy what I do, not because I have to.

I’ve walked the walk, and I think it’s important to learn investing from someone who invests, not from someone who just writes about investing.

You can learn more about my story on the About page.

I already have a financial advisor. Do I really need your courses?

In a word, yes!  Here’s why:

First, many financial advisors only focus on purchasing paper investments in a retirement account. This limits you to paper assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Second, advisors who receive commissions cannot make any money recommending rental real estate, tax liens, or gold and silver because they can’t receive commissions on those types of investments.

Fee-only investment advisors may steer you to invest in real estate, but most have no idea how to invest in tax liens or gold and silver.  So you are likely missing out on possible investments that may be right for you.

Third, the education you receive from the program will allow you to ask better questions of your advisor and understand better the plan and strategies they are using with your money. You’ll have a solid background to understand the financial language and jargon that is part of investing, and will be better equipped to know if they are investing your money safely and profitably.

For more insight, please read my article about financial advisors and investing coaches:

Financial Advisor Or Investing Coach – Which Is Right For You

More knowledge = better decisions = better investing results!

Do you invest on my behalf?

No. This program is designed to teach you to invest for yourself.

I am not licensed as a registered investment advisor, broker, or financial planner to make investments on behalf of members, and thus I cannot and do not make actual investments for you.

All investments you make are your decisions, and I cannot guarantee whether any investment you make will be profitable or not. However, I teach all members powerful money management techniques to maximize profits and reduce losses.