I already have a financial advisor. Do I really need your courses?

Yes. First, many financial advisors only focus on purchasing paper investments in a retirement account. This limits you to stocks, bonds and money markets.

Second, advisors who receive commissions cannot make any money recommending rental real estate, tax liens, or gold and silver because they can’t receive commissions on those types of investments. Fee-only investment advisors may steer you to invest in real estate, but most have no idea how to invest in tax liens or gold and silver.  So you are likely missing out on possible investments that may be right for you.

Third, the education you receive from the program will allow you to ask better questions of your advisor and understand better the plan and strategies they are using with your money. You’ll have a solid background to understand the financial language and jargon that is part of investing, and will be better equiped to know if they are investing your money safely and profitably.

More knowledge = better decisions = better investing results!