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Do you feel like you’re not making enough money from your stock trading efforts?

Do you feel you’re always leaving too much money on the table because you consistently sell your stocks either too soon or too late?

You’re not alone.

My Story

I started trading stock in 1996. It was the beginning of the dot-com bubble and just about everything was going up. Stocks were making huge moves and fortunes could be made quickly.

I quickly learned one thing….

Buying stocks is easy.

Knowing when to sell them is hard...

Back then, I definitely didn’t know when to sell my stocks. I just winged it.

Once in a while I sold a stock near the top… but this was just dumb luck.

Most of the time I let large gains turn into small gains or worse, into losses because I held my positions too long and sold way too late.

As my happened over and over, I got angry and frustrated. Everyone else seemed to be making a lot of money but me. It seemed like the market had it out for me.

Eventually I started selling as soon as I had even tiny profits, for fear of losing those small gains.

Education = Profits

I was one of the vast majority of stock traders that started trading without any education on when to take profits. Without this knowledge, investing became an emotional cocktail of hope, regret, fear, greed, and anger that inevitably ended with poor results.

Does this sound familiar to you? Can you relate to this?

After four years of trading, I ended up netting 4%, in one of the biggest bull markets in history!
Because I was so upset and frustrated by my results, I stopped trading in 2000 for a few years. It was pure luck that I bypassed the 2000-2002 bear market that wiped out traders like me who didn’t know what they were doing.

The Turnaround

What finally made the difference is that by nature I’m not a quitter. As I looked back, I saw that I didn’t have a game plan or use any strategies on when I would sell a stock. I spent all my time on choosing the stocks to buy.

So I started to study stock investing in detail, studying how the best traders chose, bought, and sold their stocks.

It was an eye-opening education as I realized how much I didn’t know.

I learned there’s an opportune time to sell to lock in profits, no matter if you’re a shorter-term swing trader or a longer-term position trader.

I learned that stocks will tell you when it’s time to sell them, but only if you know what to look for.

It turns out that there are specific sell signals - 18 in all - that will appear singly or in combinations when stocks are ending their runs.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle that made a huge difference in my trading results going forward into today.

And I’d like to pass that knowledge to you now.

Today, I’m excited to announce that everything I learned about selling stocks - knowledge gained over the last 20 years - is ready for release.

Introducing Our Brand-New 
Selling Stocks Mastery Online Video Course

The only course you'll need to learn how to sell stocks correctly, at the right time.

Here's What You Get:

Our Selling Stocks Mastery video course will teach you just about everything you need to know to sell stocks at the right time.  You learn how to best take profits on long-held positions, swing trading selling guidelines, stop loss best practices for protecting capital as well as locking in profits, and much more!

29 Videos, 5 Total Hours of Instruction

Each topic is broken down into short bite-size videos so you can learn 

Hundreds of Chart Examples

We've included many examples in each video so you can see different ways sell signals develop. You'll also see how sell signals tend to come in clusters.

Sell Signals Downloadable Reference PDF

Download our Sell Signals Cheat Sheet PDF for quick review of all the sell signals.

Lifetime Access 

You'll get lifetime access to the course, including all future updates!

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not totally happy with the course, just let us know within 90 days and we'll issue a full refund of your purchase price.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How to minimize emotions in trading so you can sell when a stock needs to be sold, not when your emotions tell you to
  • Swing trading and position trading guidelines so you can take profits according to what style the market is currently favoring
  • The right way to use stop loss orders and how to use stops to protect profits
  • The 7 defensive sell signals that develop after long moves in stocks.  These signals alert you when a stock has topped out and it's time to sell.
  • The 11 offensive sell signals that let you sell into strength so you can get out of a stock near the top. 

The Course Layout


Selling & Emotions
This series of videos explores why making selling decisions is so difficult.  We also cover how to deal with emotions when trading.


Improving Your Trading
These videos will talk about your current benchmarks, your personality and risk profile, swing trading and position trading guidelines, stop losses, and more.


Defensive Sell Signals
These 7 videos will cover all the defensive sell signals you need to know to exit a stock when it is showing weakness.


Offensive Sell Signals
These 11 videos will cover the offensive sell signals you need to know to exit before the stock tops.

Knowing how and when to sell is the missing piece of the stock investing puzzle for most stock investors and traders

This course is perfect for:

Beginning Traders

The course is ideal for beginners because most traders focus on what stocks to buy and pay little attention to when and where they should sell them.  This leads to either selling way too soon or way too late.  

Advanced Traders

Advanced traders will really benefit from the course as you'll learn 18 sell signals - signals that you probably don't know and will cause you to miss out on lost profits.

Course Presenter

Michael Benghiat, founder, Lifetime Investor

Hi, I'm Michael Benghiat, the founder of Lifetime Investor and the presenter of this course.  The content in the course is the result of a lifetime of study and experience in trading over 25 years.  I know it will make a huge difference in your trading results, as learning and putting into action all this did for mine.


Master Trader William O'Neil on Selling Stocks:

"Buying a stock without knowing when or why you should sell it is like buying a car with no brakes, or being in a boat with no life preservers, or taking flying lesson that teach you how to take off  but not how to land."

Success Stories

This course was just what I've been looking for for years. It's made me realize I've been giving up a ton of money by selling at the wrong time!  I'm now seeing in many of my past trades I sold too late.  I can now fix that program.  Thanks!

Pete Rugler

Bellingham, WA

I've always just winged it when it came to selling. Looking back at my trades, I've lost out on a ton of profit. Thanks for putting all these sell rules in one place.  This course has made a huge difference in my profits and in my trading.

Mark Hollinger

Kansas City, MO

Fantastic! I've always let my emotions get the best of me in my trades - usually selling too early due to fear of losing my profits.  Now I see how to hold on when I don't see sell signals developing, and then sell when I do see them.

Patrick Murray

Los Angeles, CA


Money Back Guarantee

90-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 90 days after your purchase. Just get in touch with us and we'll issue you a swift refund.

Selling Stocks Mastery Video Course

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  • Sell Signals downloadable reference PDF ($49 value)
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