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Are you tired of watching others making money in the stock market while you sit on the sidelines?

Or maybe you’ve been invested in the market but not getting good results?

Or you’re trying to find the next big potential stock leader but don’t know where to look?

Though it seems hard, successful stock investing doesn’t have to be difficult.

The Four Stock Areas

To achieve long-term success, you have to master four areas: when to buy, what to buy, when to sell, and money management.

Once you have determined when to buy at the whole market level (check out our Market Trend Advisory market timing system), you must choose what stocks you want to buy.

But for many traders, choosing what stock to buy is difficult. How do you know what stock to buy? And how and when do you buy it?
The good news is that there are stocks that are ready to make big moves right now, if you know where to look!

Future Leading Stocks Leave Clues

Did you know that leading stocks like Apple, Twilio, Tesla, Adobe, Etsy, and The Trade Desk – stocks that have made recent moves of hundreds to thousands of percent - all had six specific things in common BEFORE they started their huge moves?

Not many stocks fulfill these six requirements on any given day, maybe less than 50 out of 5,000. That’s .01%!

And even less are ready to be bought right now...

But those stocks that show these six requirements have the potential to create massive gains and profits for their shareholders.

Here are just a few top stocks (with buy and sell signals) that had these six criteria in place before they made their moves:

The Six Characteristics Of Leading Stocks

Market leaders tend to have the following in place BEFORE they start their massive moves:

  • They Are Leaders: They are outperforming most stocks, and are making new highs or are close to making new highs
  • Strong Earnings: The best stocks show current earnings of at least 25% and those earnings are accelerating quarter over quarter
  • Growing Earnings: Leaders show growing annual earnings of at least 25% year over year
  • Strong and Growing Sales: The best stocks show current sales of at least 25% and are accelerating quarter over quarter
  • Are Newer Companies or Have A New Product or Service: In general, market leaders are newer companies (publicly traded in the last 10 years) with innovative products and services that are making our lives better
  • Have “Big Money” Backing: The best leaders have strong institutional sponsorship showing that the best funds, ETFs, and banks are buying

Seems Complicated… But Here’s The Good News!

If you don’t know (or don’t really understand) what this all means, that’s OK.

The good news is that you don’t have to do all the hard work in finding these top stocks on a daily basis.

We do it for you!

Our stock picking service does all the research and work for you so you can discover the top stocks at any given moment.

It’s called Stock Picks.

Our Stock Picks premium online stock picking service is the answer to these questions.  We only look to invest in growth stocks that show the same fundamental and technical qualities that major stock winners of the past showed - BEFORE they made their big moves.  Stocks that made moves in the thousands of percent like Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), Dominos Pizza (DPZ) and many more.

Finding these stocks is our job and we have many years of experience picking top growth stocks.  We screen the market each day for that tiny elite list of stocks that are outperforming the whole market, and that show outstanding fundamentals and technicals.

How Does It Work?

Each day we provide Ready and Watch lists of top growth stocks:


Our Watch Lists have stocks setting up but not ready to buy yet. This is the time to find out more about each stock to decide if you want to buy it.


Our Ready Lists have stocks ready to buy now. They are breaking out of chart patterns that have a high degree of reliability in proving successful.

Both lists contain two types of stocks:


These are the top stocks in the market with superior earnings, sales, and technicals. These companies are intended for position trades or swing trades lasting from a few weeks to 1-2 years.

This list has included many of the best stocks of 2020 including Apple, Tesla, The Trade Desk, SolarEdge, and more.


These are generally slower-moving growth stocks that have exceptional performance over months and years. These companies are less volatile than younger growth stocks and show very stable earnings and sales over many years.

These companies are intended for longer-term buy and hold.

Recommended Buy Ranges

Every stock on our lists includes a buy range to make sure you buy at the right price and not too extended.

RS Blue Dot Designation

Within each Watch or Ready list we note those stocks that are “RS Blue Dot” stocks. These are stocks that are showing exceptional strength in leading the market. Many of these stocks go on to become huge winners!

Stock Portfolios

You also get access to our Lifetime Growth Portfolio and our Long-Term Outperformer Portfolio.

These are trades we make of stocks that are on the Ready Lists. All buys and sells for each stock are logged, as well as commentary on each trade. You can review these trades at any time. They are a great learning resource for learning how to make consistent profits.

We also include specific stop loss prices for each stock to help manage the risk of each trade

Here are a few past trades from our Portfolios:

Palantir: 131.77% average gain

Etsy: 64.34% average gain

BigCommerce: 33.28% gain in 2 days

Fastly: 20.25% gain in 8 days

Square: 33.25% average gain

Joann Stores: 19.79% average gain

Synopsis: 37.89% average gain

MSCI: 75.52% gain

Nio: 78.30% average gain

SolarEdge: 30.56% gain in 10 days

Good RX: 12.68% gain in 3 days

Donnelley Financial Solutions: 20.34%  gain

Dada Nexus: 33.25% average gain

Sterling Construction: 37.54% gain

EPAM Systems: 29.94% average gain

Entravision Communications: 16.34% gain

Stock Market: Goodbye Passive Indexing, Hello Active Stock Picking

"Now is the time to pursue superior returns from stock-picking.  The bottom line: Now is the time to get active.”

Here's Everything You Get:

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Stock Trading Worksheet

This custom worksheet lets you keep track of each of your trades in a professional manner. It will calculate stops, average cost, profit & loss, and more.

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ETF Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet lists common sector ETFs, including leveraged (2x and 3x) ETFs. Invaluable for finding ETFs at a glance!

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Email Alerts

You'll get email alerts as to when we are buying stocks for our portfolios and when we are selling.

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Steve Cochran

Stock Picks provides lists of top-rated stocks setting up for upward moves.

I purchased several stocks on the list at the break-out points. All ended with a profit. I highly recommend this service!


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