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Eliminate The 3 Biggest Trading Roadblocks To Success

Our Market Trend Advisory Is An Easy-To-Use
Stock Market Trend Timing System That Will Improve Your Trading Results

  • Provides Buy, Hold, And Sell signals so you can buy at the start of uptrends and lock in profits when the trend changes
  • Track institutional buying and selling so you’re buying and selling along with the "big money"
  • Reduce emotions that cause poor investing decisions!
  • Rules-based, no guesses, predictions or opinions

Takes just 5 minutes a day.  Perfect for beginners as well as advanced stock investors.

If you’re like most stock market investors, you spend 80% of your time picking individual stocks and ETFs.

But picking and buying stocks is the easy part.  After you own a stock, you’re left with the two hardest questions all investors must face:

When should I sell to take profits?

How can I avoid a correction or bear market that will wipe out any gains I have?

If you’ve been investing for any amount of time,  you’ve probably found yourself frustrated and disappointed that you messed up great trades by selling too late, selling too early, buying or selling on emotions, or buying in the middle of a downtrend. 

However, these mistakes can easily be fixed...

The 3 Main Reasons For Poor Returns

If you’re been getting scared out of positions, or not getting the results you want, you're probably making one or more of these 3 common investing mistakes:

Reason #1: Letting Emotions Drive Investing Decisions

The #1 reason for disappointing results is letting your emotions dictate your actions.  Emotions, especially fear, drive our actions:  

  • You fear of missing out on big market moves
  • You fear of not selling at the right time so you lose your hard-earned profits
  • You fear a major market crash like in 2000 or 2007 that wipes out your stock account

Acting out of fear will cause you to make the wrong decisions at the wrong time!

Reason #2: Not Selling When The Market Is Peaking

You must sell and take profits in stocks that have made big moves. Not doing so leaves you open to losing most of your profits in a big market correction. This is extremely frustrating to say the least!

Reason #3: Not Following The ​Overall Market Trend

Buying and selling stocks without following the market trend is a disaster waiting to happen.  

If you buy when the market is in a downtrend, you’re setting yourself up for losses.

And if you sell when the markets are just starting a big run, you'll miss out on most of the move.

To Become A More Successful Investor:

  • You want to be buying ONLY when the market's going up so you maximize your chances of making money
  • You want to be out of the market or taking profits when it’s going down so you avoid major corrections
  • You want to be able to invest without fear and worry

The Solution?

Start Using A System!

Professional stock market investors have a simple solution: they always use a system for buying and selling stocks. 

This is of vital importance – you have to have a roadmap or strategy to follow!

A system lets them take advantage of the 3 most important factors to success:

Success Rule #1: 

Trade With The Trend

To be successful, you must trade with the trend or direction of the stock market.

The trend is your friend. Trading with the trend automatically has you invested when the markets are going up.  You make money on the ride up and take profits before the markets top and head down.

Having a way to follow the trend, unemotionally, will also greatly reduce worries and frustrations.

The single most important aspect of trading is trading in sync with the overall market trend.

AND, it’s a proven fact that 75% of stocks will follow the general market direction.

Success Rule #2A: 

Follow The Big Institutions

It’s imperative to know that over 50% of the market’s moves are driven by big institutional investors like mutual funds, ETFs, banks, pension funds, and hedge funds.

It’s their immense buying power that drives the markets up and down.

So, you MUST know what the big players are doing so you can trade in the same direction as they do, no matter if you’re buying individual stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs.

Otherwise, if you buy when the big institutions are selling, you’ll lose money.  And if you sell when they are buying, you’ll miss out on big moves in stocks.

Success Rule #2B: 

Know What The Big Institutions Are Doing

Moving in and out of the market based on institutional buying and selling has proven to be one of the most effective ways to get better results in the stock market.

This means buying and holding only when the large institutions and buying, and selling or staying out when they are selling.

The way to do this is to keep track of the stock market indexes movements each day.  This is the ONLY way to know when the markets are in a buying mood or when they are in a selling mood.

Success Rule #3: 

Reduce Or Eliminate Emotions

Using a system is the only way to keep emotions out of investing.

Reacting emotionally to the markets puts investors on an emotional roller coaster: 

  • You worry about losing hard-earned profits…
  • You worry about selling too soon…
  • You worry about selling too late, after most of your profits have disappeared…
  • You sell at the bottom and buy at the top…
  • You even worry about being in the markets at all so you stay on the sidelines…

How To Succeed In The Stock Market

If you trade only with the trend, follow what the big money is doing, and remove emotions from your investing decisions, you will be on the path to much improved stock returns.

And this is where our Market Trend Advisory comes in!

Our Market Trend Advisory gives you the detailed market trend information you need each day to become a successful and consistently profitable investor.  It gives you a bird’s eye “insider” view of the overall stock market.

Whether you’re a shorter-term stock trader or long-term investor, you’ll get a simple yet powerful system that lets you know when markets are in an profitable uptrend, when the trend may be changing, or when it’s in a money-losing downtrend or market correction.

Use our Buy, Sell and Hold signals to profit from changing market trends

Track institutional selling so you invest with the "big money" players

Eliminate emotions that can cause poor and costly investing decisions

Facts Only, Not Opinions

Our system is based on actual market technical data and facts, not opinions.

We Interpret, Not Predict

No one know what the markets will do tomorrow, next month, or next year, so predictions and guesses are worthless.  Our signals are based on what's actually happening.

We Provide Facts, Not Opinions

Our market data is based only on facts, not opinions.  This keeps emotions out of investing so you can make investing decisions without fear, worry, or stress.


In 2019, despite all the negative news, the Nasdaq and S&P made
repeated all-time highs and closed at all-time highs on December 31, 2019.

January 4, 2019

Our Market Trend Advisory gave a buy signal on January 4, 2019.

This was the start of a very powerful uptrend that lasted until mid May.

You would have been fully invested until late March, when the market briefly went into a correction.

March 22 to April 1

A short-lived correction started with a Sell signal on March 22 and lasted less than 2 weeks.

The system would have kept you at least 75% invested.

April 1 to May 7th

A Buy signal occurred on April 1 that started a powerful uptrend until May 7th

May 7 to June 7

Starting in early May, the market briefly went into a correction.  

It was time to take some profits and/or wait to add new positions.

June 7 to July 31

On June 7th, the uptrend resumed and remained in a powerful uptrend through the end of July.

July 31 to September 6

On July 31sh, a correction started that hit many growth stock hard. The system kept users out of new positions and taking profits or holding  existing profitable positions

September 6 to September 24

September 6 gave us a new Buy signal that lasted until September 24th.

October 15 to December 31st

After a brief correction that started on September 24th, the markets resumed a powerful uptrend on October 15th that lasted the rest of 2019 (and continued in early 2020).

Here's A Chart of Apple With Buy and Sell Signals

AAPL chart

Following our Market Trend Advisory throughout 2019 
would have kept you invested for most of the year.

You would have avoided reacting to all the negative news and stayed fully invested throughout one of the best bull market runs of the last 10 years!

Here's What You Get

In less than 5 minutes a day, you’ll get detailed look behind the curtain at what the markets are doing each day.

We divide the daily report into three section: Market Trend, Market Internals, and Market Sentiment.

Section 1: Market Trend

Each day you’ll see the current Market Trend.  

Market Trend Indicators

Our rules-based system provides the status of the market overall trend.

  • Market In Uptrend signal will help you enter the markets at the best time and keep you in the markets when it’s in an uptrend so you can make the most profits from your stock positions.
  • The Trend Uncertain signal helps you to cut back on new positions, or decide to hold or take some profits on existing positions..
  • The Market In Downtrend signal helps you lock in hard-earned profits.  Plus, it will help keep you out of the markets when the chances of making money are low.

The result is that you can time your trades so you get in at the best time, take profits at the most opportune time, and maximize your investment dollars.

Market Trend Recommended Actions

Daily Market Trend Advisory

Each day our system generates recommended buy, hold, or sell actions based on the market data.  The data is based on facts, not opinions or guesses.

These impartial recommendations will help you make informed decisions for your own trading.

Stock Position Size Recommendations

Recommended Position Sizes

We also include recommended position sizes based on the system.

 Following this can help you maximize your stock positions by being more fully invested when there’s a strong trend to the market, and backing off when the trend becomes uncertain.

Market Commentary

Each day we include brief commentary on the day's market action.

Daily Market Commentary

Section 2: Market Internals

Market internals are like an EKG for the stock market – it gives you detailed insight underneath the surface to see what's really happening with the stock indexes. 

You'll get detailed info on the following market stats each day:

  • The number and amount of institutional selling days (very important to track!)
  • What market style (Growth or Value) is in favor
  • If the market indexes are bullishly aligned or not (above their 200 or 50 moving averages) 
  • Indexes making new highs
  • 52-week Highs vs. Lows
  • Percentage of Stocks Above the 200 MA
  • Number of leading growth stock breakouts

Instructions on how to interpret and use each indicator are of course included!

Section 3: Market Sentiment

Market sentiment is a secondary but important factor.  It provides additional color that is invaluable when the markets are at turning points. 

For example, when the markets get too bullish, a correction is usually around the corner.  And when the markets are frozen in fear, the next market rally or bull market is usually coming soon.

We track:

  • CNN Fear/Greed 
  • Put/Call ratio 
  • Investors Intelligence Bulls vs. Bears

Past Daily Data Is Always Available

As all data is available in a simple spreadsheet format, so you can go back to any date and see that’s day’s info. This lets you see trends over time.

A Note From The Creator:

Michael Benghiat

“Created for stock investors by a stock investor!”

"I created the Market Trend Advisory for my own use in 2017 when I reviewed all my trades from 2014 to 2017.   I wanted to see what I was doing right and wrong with my trading.

I discovered 3 things that I was doing that I needed to fix right away:

The biggest problem was that I was getting scared out of the market during corrections and not getting back in when an uptrend resumed, or I would only buy small positions when I got back in.

I also found that I was getting out of some nice winners too late - I was ignoring the overall market when it moved into a correction, and so I was losing a big chunk of my profits.

I was also selling too soon, based mostly on fear and what I thought was going to happen. I would sell and watch the stocks blast off over the coming months.

Taking action in the stock market based on how I felt only led to poor results!  It was time to change how I invested.

By creating the Market Trend Advisory, I was now able to just follow it and keep my guesses, feelings, and emotions out of trading.

It works incredibly well to keep me on top of the market each day and provides highly accurate action signals based on facts and data. Having a system to follow based on facts and not emotions drastically improved my trading results.

I hope you get as much out of it as I do each day!"

Complete How-To-Use Guide

You’ll get detailed instructions on how to use and interpret the market data so even if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll quickly understand the markets like the pros do!

What Our Customers Say

“My stock trading results were pretty poor before I tried the Market Trend Report.  Having an unbiased daily market report has really helped me to make more money with my trades.”

Mark Campbell

“The stock market always scared me as it seemed so unpredictable.  The Market Trend Advisory has really helped to calm my fears and make investing less stressful."

Hank Brennan


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