Voxeljet IPO purchase | 3D Printing Stocks

Voxeljet AG (VJET), a German company that manufactures 3D printing machines and systems, made its IPO debut today. The company priced 6.5 million American depositary receipts (ADRs) at $13 each. (ADRs are simply securities of non-U.S. companies that trade on the U.S. stock exchanges.) The shares opened for trading around 19, and ended up 122… Read more »

3D Printing Stocks | ExOne Stock Trade Review

3D Printing Stocks - ExOne stock chart

September 26, 2013: Let’s take a look at 3D printing company ExOne’s stock chart today since we were stopped out of our position on Monday: (click to enlarge) ExOne’s stock has continued lower since Monday, and today it closed down 6.14% near the lows for the day on high volume.  This shows that the big institutions… Read more »

ExOne Stock Trade Sell

ExOne (XONE) stock chart

September 23, 2013: Today my ExOne stock trade stop-loss was triggered, and the stock was sold as 48.75.  Let’s review this trade to see what we can learn from it. Below are the two links to previous posts on this stock trade: ExOne (XONE) – Stock Trade Update ExOne (XONE) – Stock Trade Filled First,… Read more »

ExOne (XONE) – Stock Trade Update

ExOne (XONE) stock chart

September 18, 2013: Let’s update our 3D printing company ExOne (XONE) stock trade that was filled on September 12.  On Monday September 16th the stock had another big decline and closed at the lows for the day on high volume.  This is not a good sign.  This shows that the big institutions are selling en masse. … Read more »

ExOne (XONE) – Stock Trade Filled

ExOne (XONE) stock trade/ stock chart

September 12, 2013: My ExOne (XONE) stock trade order placed this morning ended up being filled today at 55.70.  This was a surprise as I did not expect the stock to make a big down move today.  The stock ended up at 55.54, down 7.10 or 11.33%, on high volume.  XONE announced a share offering… Read more »