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ETF investing

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are popular alternatives to investing directly in stock mutual funds or individual stocks. An ETF is an investment fund that owns assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or a basket of stocks. The ETF’s ownership is divided into shares just like stocks are, and the fund is traded like a stock… Read more »

Municipal Bond Investing | Muni Bond Fund Purchase

Municipal Bond Investing | Pimco CA Municipal Income Fund (PCQ) chart

[printfriendly]September 10, 2013: Municipal bond investing should be a part of every investor’s investing strategy.  Municipal bonds, or munis, are one of the few investments that are tax-free at the federal level, and tax-free at the state level if the bond or bond fund invests in municipal bonds in the state you live. Today I added to one of… Read more »

Municipal Bond Investing – Potential Purchase Soon!

August 1, 2013: Let’s talk today about municipal bond investing.  I am looking to add to my municipal bond portfolio. Muni funds have been selling off for the last couple of months, ever since the Fed hinted that it would start to taper its massive bond purchases, thus sending interest rates higher. The markets have… Read more »

Rising Interest Rates – What Does This Mean for Investors?

July 10, 2013: In recent days interest rates have started to rise from the extremely low levels of the last 5 years. The Fed recently announced that it will begin “tapering” it’s $85 billion bond purchases sooner than the 2015 target date it had previously announced.  The Fed has been purchasing huge amounts of bonds since the… Read more »

SBND trade – stopped out

April 4, 2013 Stopped out of the SBND trade at 7.50.  I thought that this bond bear trade was probably early, and it was.  With yesterday’s sudden stock market drop, money is moving back into bonds, and higher bond prices means a lower price for SBND, which is a 3x leveraged short bond ETF. There… Read more »