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ETF investing

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are popular alternatives to investing directly in stock mutual funds or individual stocks. An ETF is an investment fund that owns assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or a basket of stocks. The ETF’s ownership is divided into shares just like stocks are, and the fund is traded like a stock… Read more »

SBND trade – stopped out

April 4, 2013 Stopped out of the SBND trade at 7.50.  I thought that this bond bear trade was probably early, and it was.  With yesterday’s sudden stock market drop, money is moving back into bonds, and higher bond prices means a lower price for SBND, which is a 3x leveraged short bond ETF. There… Read more »

SBND trade

January 28, 2013 My open order was filled for 500 shares of SBND at $8.12.  Stop is at 7.50, just below recent lows. A break above 8.40 will likely see a pretty big move up.  I may consider adding to the position if this happens.  But because I am likely early, I don’t feel comfortable… Read more »

Real Estate offer/ SBND trade

January 23, 2013 I received a call from my property manager in Indiana.  He sent me the info sheet on a property for sale there.  It had been on the market for awhile, and he did a walk-through.  It needed some work (estimate $17,000) but was worth a lot more than they were asking as… Read more »