Stock Market Corrections – Put Them To Use!

As the stock market is currently in a correction, now is not the time to forget about stock investing.  Smart investors use corrections as a time to prepare for the next upleg.

Great opportunities are created out of stock market corrections.  Corrections serve to temper or reduce excessive bullishness or optimism, and bring stocks back to levels that are more in line with their fundamentals.

For growth stock investors, begin now to create a watchlist of fundamentally strong stocks that look like they are forming established base patterns such as the cup with handle.  These stocks will usually be the first to take off when a new uptrend begins.  Investors Business Daily is a great source for finding leading growth stocks.

For dividend/ value investors, when a new uptrend begins you should look to add to your positions that you are compounding.  You will be getting more stocks for your money. and your portfolio and dividends will grow faster.

No one knows when the current correction will end.  It could be tomorrow, or next year.  The important thing is to be ready when it does happen!

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I am watching the current stock market correction for signs of a new uptrend, and I’ll be posting a green light when it is time.

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